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    Turnado 230 1500 Lathe


    The machines of the Turnado series are the modern version of the classic lathe. They are characterized by robust construction, a powerful motor and high level of versatility. With the extensive range of standard accessories and options, these machines can be adapted to many production requirements. A modern position indicator is also part of the standard equipment, as is a high-quality quick-change toolholder system.

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    Detailed Information


    • Classic design with sturdy construction
    • One-piece heavy casted bed for increased rigidity
    • 3-axis position indicator with various turning functions
    • Adjustable feed stoppers for longitudinal feed
    • Extensive standard equipment package


    TECHNICAL SPECS Turnado 230/1500


    ModelTurnado 230/1500
    Workpiece length (max.)1500 mm
    Turning-Ø over bed460 mm
    Turning-Ø over support224 mm
    Turning diameter over gap bridge690 mm

    Gap bridge length

    155 mm

    Bed width

    300 mm

    Center height

    230 mm
    Equipmentwith position indicator
    Travel X-axis285 mm
    Travel Z1-axis128 mm
    Swing range of top slide± 52°


    Spindle speeds(12) 25 – 2.000 1/min

    Spindle bore

    58 mm

    Spindle mount

    Camlock D1-6

    Spindle taper

    6 MT


    Feed X-axis

    0.014  – 0.784mm/U

    Feed Z-axis

    0.031 – 1.7 mm/U

    Threading, metric0.1 mm – 14 mm

    Threading, diametric

    (50) 4-112 DP

    Threading, module

    0.1 mm – 7 mm

    Threading, whitworth

    (60) 2-112 TPI


    Tailstock quill diameter

    60 mm

    Tailstock taper

    4 MT

    Tailstock quill stroke

    120 mm.

    Tailstock traverse adjustment

    ± 13 mm.


    Motor rating main drive

    5,5 kW
    Overall dimensions (length x width x height)

    2,75 m x 1,08 m x 1,34 m


    1.970 kg

    The Turnado Series Universal Lathes are widely tested and proven and our defi nitebestsellers with a low price and lasting high value
    Machine bed

    • A heavily ribbed machine bed, rigid headstock and a massive one-piece cast-iron stand form a solid machine base clamping feature for efficient machining
    • Removable bridge allows machining of short workpieces with large diameters
    • Guideways feature a v-block design and are hardened and ground for lasting precision
    Headstock / Feed gear

    • The powerful main motor with stepped gears provides high torque and wide range of spindle speeds
    • All gears and shafts are hardened and ground and run in an enclosed oil bath
    • The large spindle capacity allows clamping of shafts and tubes with large diameters
    • The high quality spindle support features optimum rigidity and preloading for high precision even under high radial and axial loads as well as long lasting performance
    • A 3-jaw lathe chuck with hard reversible jaws, a 4-jaw independent chuck, and a faceplate with large diameter are included in the machine’s standard equipment
      The user-friendly control panel at the headstock facilitates rapid user familiarization and intuitive operation
    • The feed gear offers a large number of thread leads for metric and Withworth tapping

    • The support is designed extra-wide and can easily handle high machining forces
    • The control lever for the feed switch and apron nut are designed for user safety with automatic safety interlocking
    • The stop spindle features four adjustable cams to provide automatic linear feed shut-off
    • This way, repetitive machining processes with different Z axis positions can be simplified by presetting the desired positions in the necessary sequence
    • The micrometer bed stop can be used to set precise travel distance limits
    • The slip coupling for the automatic feed is positioned centrally on the apron for easy adjustments
    • The thread gauge and support allow reliable determination of the pitch after an interrupted tapping process, and also simplifies machining of multi-lead threads
    • The top slide swivels and has large, easy to read scaling
    • The large, swiveling safety cover at the support protects the user and keeps the workspace clean
    • A central lubrication system at the support supplies all guideways with lubrication and simplifies maintenance

    • The tailstock quill is equipped with a robust and easy to read scale
    • The long quill stroke allows for complex drilling and centering jobs
    • The tailstock can be adjusted laterally for machining of conical shafts

    • The standard brake pedal is not only practical, but also a safety feature
    • A large and sturdy splash guard an the rear of the machine ensures a clean machine environment
    • A bright LED light is integrated in the support cover for optimum lighting throughout the work space
    • The multi-functional quick-action tool changer system with 4 tool changer cartridges is included in the standard equipment of this series
    • A steady and a live rest are a must for long workpieces and also included in the standard package
    • The Turnado Lathe is equipped with the latest generation of our position indicators. Ensures high work precision, lower error rate, and increased operator safety
    • A coolant system and extensive operating tools complete the equipment package
    3-axis position indicator X.Pos 3.2

    • Integrating multiple functions, this new generation of 3 axis digital readouts significantly offer a much better control over the machining processes, greatly decreasing down-times and error rates
    • It features a totally sealed enclosure made of high quality polyester film which protect sit against hazardous enviroments in shop floors, such as dust or fumes and offers excellent chemical resistance to most commonly used industry solvents
    • The optical scales provide 5 micron resolution (0.005 mm) with outside cover from aluminum for protection against oil, coolant and chips.
    Basic Functions

    • Resolution of 0,005 mm
    • Spindle control ON/OFF
    • Unit measurement conversion Inch / Metric
    • Setting / Reseting current position
    • Coordinate display switching ABS / INC
    • Radius / Diameter display
    • Z1/Z2 Axes summing
    • Pocket calculator functions
    Extended Functions

    • Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
    • Hole circle pattern calculation
    • Radius / diameter toggle
    • Reference function for tool gauging
    • Taper turning function
    • 3-axis position indicator X.Pos 3.2
    • Quick change tool holder head WB
    • Quick change tool holder WBD 25120
    • Adjustable feed stoppers
    • 3-jaw chuck Ø 250 mm
    • 4-jaw face plate chuck Ø 300 mm
    • Face plate Ø 350 mm
    • Follow and steady rests
    • Coolant system
    • Micrometer longitudinal stop
    • Thread gauge
    • Reducing sleeve
    • Dead center
    • Protective shield for the toolpost
    • Chuck guard
    • Foot brake pedal
    • Fixed splash guard (wall)
    • Work light
    • Toolbox with operating tools
    • Operator instructions
    • Set of one-piece soft jaws for 3-jaw chuck 250mm